In 1857 William Alanson Dunklin moved to Texas from Aberdeen, Mississippi and bought a plantation called Spring Hill a few miles east of Waco across the Brazos. He set aside 5 acres of land adjoining the plantation for a cemetery, school/church and parsonage. These 5 acres would become known as New Hope. The cemetery now had a name, New Hope Cemetery or better known as the Cemetery at New Hope. There William A. Dunklin’s youngest son, William Wathin Dunklin and his son Timothy Lincoln Dunklin were buried in unmarked graves. At one time the graves were enclosed by a white picket fence, but the fence is gone now. Timothy Lincoln was named for an uncle who was killed at the Battle of Manassas (also known as Bull Run) during the Civil War. There are many early graves all toward the back southwest corner section of the cemetery, many of them unmarked. This area for many years was known as the New Hope community. In 1869 the church would be chartered as a Baptist church by the Waco Association. In March of 1870, the five acres known as New Hope was deeded to the Baptist church at New Hope by A. M. Dunklin, William A. Dunkin’s grandson. The Spring Hill farm surrounding New Hope would later be sold to Allison H. Harrison, General James Harrison’s grandson and it remained in the Harrison family for generations.