Rev. B.H. Carroll was New Hope Baptist Church’s first pastor. He was hired after conducting a revival in the New Hope Community. The revival was such a success that the Waco Association decided to charter a Baptist Church there and promptly called young Rev. Carroll to his first pastorate. At the end of that first year, New Hope would grow to a membership of seventy. The most famous of these members would be Brigadier General James E. Harrison, who owned a significant amount of land close to the New Hope Church, where he lived. Carroll and Harrison would become close friends, and it is Carroll who would give General Harrison’s funeral address in 1875. Rev. Carroll would pastor New Hope from the Summer of 1869 up to the Fall of 1870 when he would leave and become pastor of the First Baptist Church Waco and remain in that position for 28 years. Young Rev. Carroll would become Dr. B. H. Carroll a great theologian, a legend in Texas Baptist History. Dr. Carroll would go on to create the Baylor Bible Department that would become Southwestern Theological Seminary, the largest seminary in the world. Dr. Carroll never forgot about the little country church out by the Brazos. He would come back and preach from time to time, and New Hope Baptist has never forgotten their first pastor. We are proud that his name, legacy, and heart will always be a part of our church’s history and our future.